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If you're sick of simply 'competing' in a bloody red ocean and you want to dominate your market, you need to escape the competition and become #1.


Appear everywhere to your ideal client. Build an intimate relationship, and pre-sell them into your practice without being salesy or manipulative. Flip the paradox.

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Your dream practice & life is waiting for you. It's time to stop holding yourself back and evolve. Transcend yourself and business to a new dimension.

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"How to get 10-20 qualified appointments with Business Owners & High Net-Worth prospects every single month with predictability down to the dollar and day"

  • The 3 forces plaguing financial service professionals

  • The secret weapon of all 7-figure financial advisors

  • 4-step, turn key system to turn complete strangers into life-long clients

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about the founder

mitch gonsalves

Mitch Gonsalves is a Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Investor who has dedicated his career to helping Financial Advisors, Planners, and Consultants grow their book with speed and predictability using cutting edge marketing & sales tactics.

Prior to kickstarting his company, Gonsalves Consulting, Mitch ran a successful Digital Marketing Agency helping local & professional service businesses with lead generation, sales, and social media marketing.

Fast forward a few years, Mitch aligned his skill set with his passion -- Finance. He thrives off helping other people either directly or indirectly get their financial futures intact. Over the years, Mitch has distilled and boiled his Client Acquisition formula for Financial Service professionals into a complete science.

To dive deeper into Mitch's Story, click here.

What Others Are Saying: 

"Just finished a call with Mitch Gonsalves and his sales funnel strategy for Financial Advisors is impressive. You must speak with him if you want to grow your business using the latest technology. Adapt or die my friends."

Tyrone R.

"Just got another booking for tomorrow!
That's 5 already and it's only the first week of January!

Derek S.

"Thanks so much to Mitch Gonsalves for your help and process. Haven't implemented half the things you shared yet."

Zander W.

"Thanks Mitch. FYI, we just signed our first client from the program (Sally). Thanks again.
Looking forward to optimizing the program even further.

Tony G.

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Do you want to speak with me personally to help you put together a strategy to help you to achieve what most advisors would deem a "pipe dream"? I'm talking about consistent, qualified appointments in your calendar with your dream client -- every single month and know down to the DOLLAR and DAY just how well your marketing efforts are performing. No more 'hope marketing' , it's time to catch the trend, to finally capitalize on the abundance of opportunity at your finger tips. I usually charge upwards of $250.00 per session, but I want to extend an invitation to you to apply for yours today, for free. The reason I'm doing this is because I truly pride myself on giving value, especially to those who seek to become better versions of themselves, and take action in congruency with their business goals.

If you're accepted, and we feel you're a good fit, we'll give you a call at the time you selected.

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To Your Success! 

- Mitch



  • • 30 - 45 Minute Strategy Session

  • • Custom Client Acquisition System

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